History of Edible Bird’s Nest

The Edible Bird’s Nest are also known as edible swiftlet bird’s nest (ESBN) (Aerodramus fuciphagus) in the historical records indicate that it was first brought to China by the Ming Dynasty navigator, Zheng He. His expedition team encountered food storage problems during his voyage to Southeast Asia. In such circumstance, they had unexpectedly discovered the Edible Bird’s Nest that was found on the cliff which they later cooked for consumption. Gradually after the intake of Edible Bird’s Nest, Zheng He’s expedition team regained their strength and vitality. Realizing the recuperative effects of Edible Bird’s Nest. Zheng He has presented them to the Emperor during his return to China.

Not long after that, the Malacca Sultanate began to offer the Chinese Emperor Edible Bird’s Nest as a tribute to Ming Dynasty. Besides establishing friendly diplomatic relations between China and Malaysia, this also spurred the trading of Edible Bird’s Nest as a high-value commodity between both countries.