About Jacson Management

Jacson Management was initially started its operation in Feb 2004 as LMC Edible Swiftlet Bird Nest Sdn. Bhd. It’s mainly activity was solely confined in processing edible bird’s nest.

Malaysia varieties Bird’s Nest Product Supplier and Exporter – Trustworthy and genuine bird’s nest merchant, marketer and supplier located in Malaysia. Our perseverance and commitment have been proven that favorable responds received from the consumers not just only in raw clean edible bird’s nest, whilst the result of growing more varieties end-products for our consumers. With our own company branding O’NEST provide bird’s nest supplier and bird’s nest exporter of different and wide range for all kind bird’s nest product.

Our core trading business including from collection of house nest, processing of raw bird’s nest, processing of different product from bird’s nest, wholesales, distributor of house nest product and bird’s nest export.

We have the most complete varieties and selection of finest bird’s nest product. Our bird’s nest are all from Malaysia. We are selling / exporting different requirement and using 100% natural bird’s nest without any chemical swabbing and bleaching. As our handlers for the processing are all highly trained that the knowledge and awareness of the safety product should be provide to our consumers.

We export high quality bird’s nest product to Japan, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia, Abu Dhabi and other countries.