" A Wonder Gift From
Nature "

O'Nest Bird's Nest Collagen Serum
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Edible Bird’s Nest

Edible Bird’s Nest has been widely recognized as natural health food
that provides the body with protein and anti-oxidants.

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Trustworthy and genuine bird’s nest merchant, marketer and supplier located in Malaysia.

Supplier & Exporter
Edible Bird's Nest

We export high quality bird’s nest product to Japan, China, South Korea, Australia, Abu Dhabi and other countries.

High Quality
Genuine Bird’s Nest Merchant

Our perseverance and commitment have been proven that favorable responds received from the consumers.

Nutritional Values
Nutritional Value Edible Bird's Nest

High rich in collagen, carbohydrates, minerals, sialic acid, Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) and provides essentials amino acids.

Edible Bird’s Nest
“A Wonder Gift From Nature”

Edible Bird’s Nest are actually quite absorbent and tend to easily influenced by dirt and chemical elements from their surroundings environment. That is why the environment is one of the most crucial factors which can affect the quality of a bird’s nest.

At JACSON MANAGEMENT, all our swiftlet houses are highly designed, built, highly supervised and maintained in-house.

Only abandoned bird’s nest are harvested to ensure sustainable bird’s nest farming while the swiftlet and eggs will be undisturbed. All the Jacson Management Edible Bird’s Nest are harvested on a routine basis and cleaned in a hygienic environment to ensure the premium quality and cleanliness to our customers.

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I have been extremely impressed with O’Nest. Makes my skin more supply, my joints less stiff and
I feel more hydrated overall.

Lisa de Piro - Abu Dhabi

Purchased O’Nest Swiftlet Bird’s Nest Moisturizing Beauty Bar, I love the smell of the soap and it makes my body and skin more hydrate after daily use.
The soft exfoliate makes my skin more smooth. Will purchase more.

乐乐 - China

Bought the O’Nest bird’s nest instant drink for my grandmother since 6 months ago till now, her cough has been improved and phlegm has been less than before. So happy with O’Nest product.

Paul Tan - Australia

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